Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Yoga Studio Is Almost Ready

The renovations to make a yoga studio in my home are progressing nicely. Pat and I have been painting for days and we don't have too much more to go. It's really looking great. I picked out a lovely light brown color called Arabian Sands for the walls and the trim will be white. I think it will be a very calming color scheme and perfect for a yoga studio.

The carpet is going to be installed on Thursday morning. It is a berber style of carpet with both beige and darker brown fibers intertwined. I think it will be perfect for a comfortable savasana but thin enough to be good for balance postures as well. I am thrilled with the way things are working out.

We will be having bi fold doors installed so that I can separate the yoga studio from the rest of the house. This way Pat will still have some privacy when classes are in session and the doors will help in keeping Rigby out of the studio as well. The doors will be installed on Thursday so the main work should be finished by the weekend.

Speaking of Rigby I am awaiting the delivery of the wire crate that I bought for him. I am going to crate him with a special doggy chew that he will only get when he is being housed in the crate. I am planning on getting a nice comfortable doggy bed for the crate so he can lay down and be happy and busy chewing while I am teaching classes. If that doesn't work I am going to take him over to my friend, Michele's house while classes are going on. It will definitely be a pain in the ass to cart him back and forth but I need him to be either quiet or gone.

There are some decorating things that need to be done. I am having Kerry's very talented artist friend, Jessica paint a big Om on the front wall in brown outlined in gold. I also need to deal with the window coverings. I have bought wood blinds for the windows but I'm not sure it's going to work. Pat and I are going to look at that either tomorrow or wednesday night. If it doesn't work I'll get a pull down shade and put some sheers curtains up around the perimeter of the window.

I took some before pictures and I will take some after pictures and post them here. I can't wait to teach the first class in my new studio. Thank you owners of Etro Salon. Even though you treated me like garbage you gave me the push that I needed to get out of there and build my very own studio. You did me a favor. :)

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