Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teaching new heated and non-heated classes.

I have started teaching a few new classes at Yoga 4 Life/I Love Hot Yoga and I wanted to tell you about them. I am teaching a beginner warm yoga class on Wednesday Mornings at 7:30. If you have always wanted to try yoga in a heated room but never have then this class is for you. The room is a little warmer than room temperature and we do some of the postures that are done in a traditional hot yoga class along with a few gentle yoga postures. Doing yoga in a heated room allows the student to detox the body through sweat and the heat opens the body and allows you to maybe go a little further in your postures than you can in an air conditioned room.

I am also teaching a non-heated one hour gentle class on Thursday mornings at 7:30. This class is geared to the student that wants to start the day with a deep gentle stretch. The next class on Thursday is a hot flow and this class is for people who want to flow their yoga practice in a hot room. This class is a level 1/2 but come and try it . You may be like me and end up loving hot yoga. Namaste :)