Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A class description

Yesterday's Hatha Yoga class was great. We spent time before class talking but once I started class we were able to ground ourselves and start our breath work. We practiced yogic breathing with retentions and then alternated nostril breathing. The students really seemed to like the extra breathing.

Once our Pranayama (breath control) was over we moved into the asana part. Asanas are the postures or poses that are done in yoga such as the classic downward facing dog. We moved on our backs, seated, standing, balance, and ended on our backs and then in Savanasa (relaxation pose). We moved our spines in all directions with simple and gentle movements mindfully and quietly. Final relaxation included aromatherapy and a neck massage. It was a truly a wonderful class. Lots of moaning and groaning. :) :)

Thanks to my students for coming and allowing me to guide them through their practice.

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