Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Saturday and Tomorrow

Saturday I welcomed a new student to my Hatha Yoga class. My wonderful student, Erin brought a friend who is also new to yoga. I love teaching new or first time students. It makes me go back to the basics which is good to do for the teacher and student inside of me. We worked hard in a challenging class that included breath work (pranayama), moving our spines in all 6 directions (asana) and a wonderful long final relaxation with. I did quite a bit of hands on adjustments to help the students find their edge in different postures. It was great!

Tomorrow is my private with Juliana and I always look forward to that. Later on at 6:30 I'll be teaching my Tuesday night class. This is a level one class where we hold the postures a little longer which helps to build strength, better flexibility and balance. I love watching my repeat students getting stronger, more mindful and aware of their breath. It means that I am a good teacher. :)

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