Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Love Being a Teacher, I Love Being a Student

I love being a yoga teacher. I feel as if I have been given a gift to be able to help my students deal with some of the stresses of their daily lives. I have students that tell me that they have never been able to relax before taking my classes. I have students that tell me that they hear my words during stressful times and turn to their breath and mantra to help them through. I have one student who keeps my card by her computer so that she can read the saying on the back to help her keep her inner peace. Hearing these things makes me feel so good deep down inside. I feel very lucky to be a yoga teacher.

I love being a yoga student. I learn something new in each and every class that I take. I took class today from a teacher named Paul. If memory serves me well, this is the second man I have taken class from other than on a DVD. It was a good class and I was able to further my practice again. Paul took us into crow pose and I was able to balance in this posture for a moment or two. He also asked if anyone wanted to do a headstand and I love a good headstand. No more kicking up the wall for me. Now my abs do the work. I'm getting stronger and stronger. Paul also brought us into wheel pose which I also love to do but am not supposed to do according to my doctors who I don't listen to. :) It was a great class. I really enjoyed it. I feel very lucky to be a yoga student.

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