Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last night and some changes.

Class rocked last night. I got so into it that I ended up going an hour and 45 minutes. I just couldn't stop. :) We worked from the back, seated, straddle, all fours, standing....we did it all. We even did some Breath of Fire for the first time. The students did really well. I am very proud of my students. They are getting stronger. I can see that in the way they are holding the poses longer and how much stronger they look in their postures. We worked a lot in Downward Facing Dog, floating into plank, pushing back into dog, 3 legged dogs, side angles into Pigeon to name a few. This was a strong class and everyone did well keeping up. :)

Claudia in Downward Facing Dog
It's looking like I may change my Saturday Class to Sunday. I have spoken to my Saturday students and they are liking the idea of the change. The salon is closed on Sunday and it will be much quieter. It sure can get noisy on Saturday morning in a hair and nails salon. :) We will be trying out the new time this week so there will be no class this Saturday. It has been rescheduled to Sunday, October 14 at 10:30 am.

Today I am subbing for Juliana at her house. It is her Wednesday class which is a level two kick butt class. I love teaching this class. It's fun and challenging all at the same time. Today will be lots and lots of standing postures and flowing. My intention for this class is movement.

I am also subbing for Juliana again tomorrow which is her level one class. I'm am looking forward teaching to both classes in Juli's studio. It's where I did my teacher training. It's like coming home. :)

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