Friday, January 28, 2011

Give and Take

As yoga teachers sometimes we forget that we are first and foremost yoga students. Although teaching is very rewarding in many ways, it is a giving experience. We give our energy, our experience, our attention and love to our students. We must remember to receive as well and in order to do that we must take classes as opposed to teaching them.

My birthday is tomorrow and my present to myself will be an early morning class with my yoga person and guru Juliana. I will soak up all that Juliana has to give us and be present in class. It is the very best birthday present that I can give to myself. It's the perfect way to start my 59th year.

My 58th year was a fantastic year for me. I took my yoga teacher training, got certified by the Yoga Alliance and started teaching my own classes. Before I knew it I was subbing at the Yoga Source and then I was offered my own Sunday class and now I am also teaching at the Yoga Source on Thursday afternoon at 4:30 in place of Francie who broke her leg. This means I am teaching my own two classes at the yoga loft upstairs from Etro Salon and two classes at The Yoga Source. How could 59 be any better? Well, we never know what the universe will bring to us. :)

Our yoga teacher training graduation on the beach. Top row left to right is Wendi, Juliana, Courtney, Stacy. Bottom row left to right is me, Ruth, Hera, Veronica

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