Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yoga Helps Older Adults Battle Depression and Anxiety

We all have bouts of depression and/or anxiety at one point or another in our lives. As we age these feelings can become more intense. Yoga and meditation are slow and gentle ways of helping us to get through these tough times.

Click on the link below to find out more about how this ancient practice can help us through the aging process. Please feel free to share this link with anyone you know that might be in need of some relief from mental stress. Much love from me to you and yours.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Chair Yoga Or Not

Did you know that yoga can be done sitting in a chair? This is a wonderful thing for people who are stuck behind a desk all day or are unable to find their way down to the floor for mat yoga. The benefits of this ancient practice are the same whether you are sitting, standing or lying down. You can gain strength, you can get a wonderful stretch, you can gain flexibility and these are just the physical aspects of the practice. The mental benefits are amazing as well. Yoga can teach you focus and mindfulness. It can help with concentration and it also teaches us to quiet the constant chatter of the mind. For seniors, yoga can assist with some of the stresses of aging and can help us to grow older with grace and gratitude. Yoga is for EVERYONE!!! :)