Saturday, August 14, 2010

Double Yoga Day

Today was a double yoga day. A real one. I had to sub at Juliana's for her Saturday 8:30 AM class and I also had my own class at the yoga loft. The first class was great. I even did alternated nostril breathing. Go me! I got a great compliment from one of Juliana's students today. He said "I took a class from you the other day and today's class was totally different". I was happy to hear that. I look all over for new postures and new takes on old things too. I'm trying to make my classes MY classes and no one else's.

One of Juliana's weekday students came to my Saturday class. Juliana's 8:30 class just does not work for her and she said that my time was perfect for her. I was glad that she came. I got a big hug when it was over and that made me feel good.

I also had a new student today. It's one of the ladies from the Salon and it was a pleasure to have her in my class too. She was brand new to yoga and had never practiced before. We discussed her physical issues and I modified the class for her as we went along. She had mentioned having Sciatica so I did some hip openers for her. I think she really enjoyed it.

I am so loving my teaching. It is so rewarding and I love to practice so much myself.

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