Thursday, August 12, 2010

Subbing, Subbing and my own Saturday class

I spent the last week subbing for Juliana while she was away at a retreat and what a fantastic opportunity it was. I had classes almost every day and teaching class every day made me a better teacher. I really feel as if I am growing by leaps and bounds. I am very lucky that Juliana gave me the chance to sub for most of her classes. Thanks Jules!!

I am subbing this coming Monday for Ileana at The Yoga Source at 11:00 and I am looking forward to that. Subbing there for Joy was a fantastic experience and I'm expecting the same thing on Monday. If you are around come to "The Source" and practice with me.

My Saturday class will be taking place at 11:00 AM at the yoga loft upstairs from Etro Salon in Coral Springs. I hope you will come by and check it out. First class? Still $5.00!! :) :)

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