Saturday, August 28, 2010

Juliana's Kirtan Among Other Things

Last night was the chanting/meditation event at Juliana's and it was totally amazing. There were about 15 people at the event, maybe even more. We all sat in a circle in Juliana's living room and Juli started with a short meditation. Then we chanted to Snatum Kaur and Ken who gently and softly played the guitar. We continuted by chanting our teacher training anthem On Na Ma Shi Va Ya and that was really special. With Ruth, Courntey, Wendi, Veronica and Juliana singing along it felt just like I had been transported back to yoga teacher training. It was a moment that I won't forget in a hurry. We finished dancing to Krishna Das. It was an amazing sight. We were all dancing and moving with Juliana leading the way. She really is a special person. She has an energy unlike anyone else I have ever met. She is my Guru. :)

I went to 8:30 class this morning and it was really wonderful. I missed my bud Ruth though. She is always there but she just had wrist surgery and wasn't up to class (although she made it to the kirtan).

When class was over I had to go and teach class at the salon which I was happy to do. It was a great class with lots of hands on assistance and gentle poses. I really love teaching yoga. I feel blessed that I have found it and had the good judgement to love it. :)

Ps-Thanks to Ken Keefe for the picture. I lifted it from him FB profile page. :)

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