Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Practice and Your Practice.

I had my private this morning with Juliana and it was really fantastic. I LOVE my privates. They allow me to work on things that I can't do in a class setting. We worked on a lot of standing postures and I think I may incorporate some of those postures into tonight's class. It depends on who is there. I try to feel the energy in the group and allow the class to develop from there. I am expecting two new students tonight who are friends with Michele. Tuesday's class is growing. :)

Saturday's class was very gratifying to me. My wonderful student Erin who had already brought her friend Rita brought her husband Tim. He did really well for a first time student. I am going to start to incorporate one or two more challenging postures next Saturday and see how they do. I'm sure they will rise up to the challenge. :)

I love that I am sharing the benefits of yoga with so many new people.

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