Friday, January 7, 2011

Yoga in nature

I stepped outside in the backyard and realized that it was really a beautiful day. I sat on my yoga mat and started breathing and slowing down. The next thing I knew I was in a full pranayama practice really feeling my breath. It seemed very natural and right. I started to lengthen my body and really filling up my lungs and feeling it maybe more than ever before.

I continued a long yoga session practicing all of my favorite standing postures. Triangles, warriors, side angles, sun salutations. Each posture really felt good. Wonderful in fact. I couldn't stop my practice. I just continued until my body told me to stop.

I ended my outside practice in savanasa on my mat on the grass. I could feel the sun on my face as I relaxed every muscle in my body. It was the best savasana I've ever experienced. I have no idea how long I stayed there but I do know that it felt right to be there. :)

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