Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making The New Studio

The new studio is up and running. It is absolutely gorgeous. The carpet was a disaster to begin with. When the carpet installers came and started to install the carpet I looked at it and knew that I absolutely hated it. It was awful and I was totally upset about it. Michele called and I told her so she told me to stop the workers from installing the dreaded carpet and call the store and tell them. I did just that and they were very accommodating. I chose a different carpet but had to pay an extra $100. It was totally worth it. I was extremely happy once the new carpet was installed.

The right carpet

I love the paint that Michele and I picked out for the walls. It's called Arabian Sands and it is a lovely shade of brown/tan/beige. The trim is white and it looks great.

I also love the blinds that I chose for the windows. They were a little too small but they look great. Pat had a tough time getting them up and even pulled out his back doing it. Its weeks later and he is still having trouble with it but he is very proud of the job he did getting them up. They look wonderful.

Windows before

Windows after

Leroy came over and installed doors at the kitchen entry so that I am able to close them and have some separation between the studio and the house. Once again, this was Michele's idea and it was a great one.

New Doors

Once all of the workers left Pat and I put some mats out and we were both extremely happy with new studio. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I will be posting more pictures very soon. I need to take them. :)

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