Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help! I've Lost My Chakras!

Have you ever felt like you've lost your chakras? Worse than that, have you ever felt as if a situation or person stole your chakras from you? That's how I've been feeling lately. I had a situation happen that made me feel as if I would never be able to feel them again. I'd never be able to visualize the chakra colors again. I'd never be able to chant the seed mantras again without thinking about the afore mentioned situation. Even after spilling my guts about what happened to one of the people involved I still felt tense and tight. Even anxious and I am not an anxious person.

I went to Joy's class at The Yoga Source this morning. It was good to be there. I love it there. I love teaching there and taking class there as well. When Joy came in Ruth requested a restorative class. Everyone in the room was on board except me. I was the only one who went on record to say that I wanted to have my ass kicked but if everyone else wanted restorative I would agree to it. Joy pulled out the bolsters and blankets and guided us through a fabulous restorative class complete with virparita karani (legs up the wall) and supported child.

At one point in the class she started talking about the chakras, their colors, location on the body and had us breathe into them. It allowed me to visit my chakras again but this time with Joy one of the two yoga teachers that I love and adore and respect above all other teachers. She spoke of them gently and calmly and I was able to bring my attention to them and not be afraid because I felt safe with Joy.

I emerged from Joy's class with a renewed sense of well being. I realize now that the wanting to have my ass kicked was tied to the above mentioned situation and now I can really, finally let it go. Yay!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making The New Studio

The new studio is up and running. It is absolutely gorgeous. The carpet was a disaster to begin with. When the carpet installers came and started to install the carpet I looked at it and knew that I absolutely hated it. It was awful and I was totally upset about it. Michele called and I told her so she told me to stop the workers from installing the dreaded carpet and call the store and tell them. I did just that and they were very accommodating. I chose a different carpet but had to pay an extra $100. It was totally worth it. I was extremely happy once the new carpet was installed.

The right carpet

I love the paint that Michele and I picked out for the walls. It's called Arabian Sands and it is a lovely shade of brown/tan/beige. The trim is white and it looks great.

I also love the blinds that I chose for the windows. They were a little too small but they look great. Pat had a tough time getting them up and even pulled out his back doing it. Its weeks later and he is still having trouble with it but he is very proud of the job he did getting them up. They look wonderful.

Windows before

Windows after

Leroy came over and installed doors at the kitchen entry so that I am able to close them and have some separation between the studio and the house. Once again, this was Michele's idea and it was a great one.

New Doors

Once all of the workers left Pat and I put some mats out and we were both extremely happy with new studio. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I will be posting more pictures very soon. I need to take them. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everyone Loves My New Studio

Hatha yoga classes have started in my beautiful new studio. My students love to practice there and so do I. I get a very peaceful feeling there. I will be posting pictures of the finished studio soon.

I would like to thank Michele who made this studio happen. She's been my very best friend for 30 years and is the person in my life who makes my crazy ideas become realities . When I got the news that I was being thrown out of the salon I called her crying. I told her that I really wished that I had my own studio so that I would never have to worry about being treated the way I was at the salon. Fast forward three weeks and I was sitting in my new studio. So thanks Michele. You rock!

Last week was the first Tuesday night class and it was wonderful. When it was over Red and Rachel produced the wine, glasses, corkscrew, crackers and we had a party. It was so much fun. I really appreciate that they went to so much trouble. They were so happy that classes were back on they decided that it was worthy of a party. I'm glad they did.

My Sunday students had their first class last Sunday and they really loved the new studio too. I was able to keep the Sunday classes going at Rita's house while the renovations were going on in the house. When class was over they thanked me for the new studio. It made me very happy to know that everyone loves the new place.

Hatha yoga class will begin tonight at 6:30 as usual. We will be practicing with an open heart. The music will be my very favorite Krishna Das. Call me for more directions to the studio.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The First Class In My Very Own Studio!

Tonight is the first class in my new beautiful yoga studio. It is such a wonderful space and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. Of course, there are some things that need to be finished. Some painting that needs to be done, the om needs to be finished but all in all I think it is a gorgeous space and I am very proud of it. I will post pictures soon.